What We’re Currently Reading

  • Who: Eastview men
  • What: Angels & Demons (Brown)
  • When: Lunch – Thursday, Jan. 29th
  • Where: Room C234
  • See: Dr. Beach in the C3 Cluster to sign-up!
  • Why: Because, REAL MEN READ!

Here is a review of the book taken from the Barnes & Noble web site:

Dan Brown is clearly one of my favorite writers. Angels and Demons is an absolute thriller that keeps you thinking about what is going to happen next. The story revolves around a character named Robert Langdon, who is also character to the Da Vinci Code. This is my first book by Dan Brown and I love how he puts real events and ties them into a fiction storyline. Langdon’s first race against time to find the long lost group called the Illuminati. Langdon is a professor at Harvard and studies into symbology. He is sent to Europe to study and track symbols left by the Illuminati. This group is responsible for the killing of a man Leonardo Vetra, a scientist at CERN. CERN is the system that Langdon is helping out to find the assassin of the murder. Langdon must find this murderer before the Illuminati are able to finish their final plans, blowing up the Vatican City with a quarter gram of antimatter. A book like this can easily be separated to many other books out there. You have to remember though that this storyline is entirely fictional which enables you to keep you thinking all the way until the end. This book is a definite read to all if you love stories with a good thriller plot and is one that keeps you in your seat wanting to read more and more.

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