Question for all

Does anyone else feel like they are unable to put the book down when they are reading it?

4 thoughts on “Question for all

  1. Thanks for the post Luke. This book is the prequal to “Da Vinci Code” and I enjoyed it much more. I read it about 3-4 years ago and I’m enjoying re-reading it for our group!

  2. I looove this book :) It’s really addicting! And I know this will probably upset all the men out there reading this, but the last book I read as addicting as this was Twilight :)

  3. Dan Brown’s books are generally impossible to put down. I remember I started reading this like the day before I went to visit my brother at college (Iowa State). Read most of it in the car, and getting out of the car, I couldn’t even close the book. I was reading as we walked into our hotel. Felt like a dork, but the book’s just that addictive.

    This is my favourite Dan Brown book, though I enjoyed Digital Fortress quite a bit, too. That was a weird one, though.

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