What We’re Currently Reading

  • Who: Eastview students
  • What: “Dune” by Frank Herbert
  • When: Lunch – Friday, April 3rd
  • Where: Room C234
  • Why: Because, REAL MEN READ!

Students – the last poll ended in a tie so today I flipped a coin during 3rd hour and the choice was made…we’re reading “Dune” by Frank Herbert. We will most likely read the Vince Flynn book later this spring.

SIGN-UP to read this book and join the talk by clicking on “COMMENTS” (on this post) – provide your name and which lunch you will be attending the talk.

Check with the Media Center for copies of the book. You can also check the Dakota County libraries as well as the Half Price Book Store in Apple Valley. If you’ve exhausted those options, you may need to go to the local booksellers and pay ~$8.00 for a paperback copy.

LET DR. BEACH KNOW IF YOU NEED HELP GETTING A BOOK….don’t let availability or money stop you from reading this great novel!

Here’s a review which was written last month on the Barnes & Noble web site:

For anybody who is a fan of science fiction, or anybody who likes a good read, Dune is an absolute must. For sci-fy fans, you need to read this novel, since if you haven’t, you have missed out on one of the greatest novel’s of our time. This book should be required reading for schools everywhere. Dune is a great mix of political intrigue, philosophical musings, action, and morality. The story is of Paul’s transformation from the son of a duke, to the hardened veteran of the desert, then to a messiah of the people of Dune, (the Freemen), the great Muad’Dib. We see Paul Muad’Dib rise in maturity as he comprehends the results of his actions, and sees how he can save the human universe from the tranquilizing drug of gradulism it had succumbed to. This all culimates into an ending that is so riviting you will not be able to put down the book, I know this from personal experince while reading Dune. When you are done, the questions, lingering from reading Dune will leave you questioning what humanity is truly capable of doing and achieving.

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