‘PEAK’ is the Next Selection

Who: Eastview students

What:  Read PEAK by Roland Smith

When: 7:00 a.m. on WEDNESDAY, October 20, 2010

Where: Room C332 – I will provide breakfast!

Why: Because REAL MEN READ!

When fourteen-year-old Peak Marcello’s long-lost father presents the opportunity for them to summit Everest together, Peak doesn’t even consider saying no–even though he suspects there are a few strings attached. And if he makes it to the top before his birthday, he’ll be the youngest person ever to stand above 29,000 feet. It’s not a bad turn of events for a guy who’s been stuck in New York City with only skyscrapers to (illegally) scale.

Here, in Peak’s own words, is the exhilarating, gut-wrenching story of what happened on that climb to the top of the world–a climb that changed everything. Welcome to Mount Everest. (from the publisher via BN.com)

Students – check with the Eastview Media Center and/or your local library to get a copy of this book.  I ordered five new copies online and they will be available for checkout from me on the first day of school.  You can also check your local bookseller or order your own copy online – Barnes & Noble had new paperback copies for only $6.25.  There are used copies available as well.

Get your copy of the book, read it, and then join us for breakfast; I’ll have donuts, bagels, fruit, and juice available (my treat) and discussion on Wednesday, October 20th at 7:00 a.m. in Room C332. Why?  Because REAL MEN READ!

-Dr. Beach

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