What College Freshmen are Reading

According to Parade Magazine, many colleges now assign all incoming freshmen one book to read before classes begin.  While some scholars complain that the schools’ choices are insufficiently rigorous, administrators say they’re meant to serve as ice-breakers, not course material.  (Aug. 22, 2010)

These five nonfiction titles are popular among colleges this fall:

This I Believe, Jay Allison and Dan Gediman, eds.  The editors collected essays from the National Public Radio series about people’s guiding values.

Enrique’s Journey, Sonia Nazario.  A 17-year-old boy risks his life traveling from his native Honduras to the U.S. in search of his mother, who left when he was 5.

The Soloist, Steve Lopez.  In this memoir turned movie, a journalist befriends a homeless violinist and tries to help him find success onstage.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan.  A critical look at the American food chain from cornfield to factory farm to drive-thru window.

Zeitoun, Dave Eggers.  A New Orleans resident who stays behind after Hurricane Katrina is arrested and accused of belonging to Al-Qaeda.

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