The Potential of iPads in Schools

I don’t own an iPad, Kindle, or Sony Reader but I am curious about this technology.  I love to think that students will soon walk from class to class with a single device like an iPad which is their textbook, graphing calculator, word processor, photo editor, music player, academic notebook….you name it.

I also think that this single ‘device’ could have academic applications and assessment platforms where students take tests and get instant feedback concerning their results.  These results will simultaneously be uploaded to their school profiles which catalogs not only their grades but also their involvement in arts, activities, sports, and community service.

This could provide a more thorough picture to potential colleges and/or employers about the student and citizen they are about to accept and/or hire.

There will be challenges to this paradigm for some, but the reality is the technology is already developed for this type of engagement and academic synthesis.  We need the resources necessary for teachers and students to give it a try.

Check out this recent LA Times article concerning the use of iPads in schools and imagine the possibilities.  You can also look at this Apple site concerning how they see the iPad being used by students and teachers.

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