Great turnout for ‘Deadline’

We had a great turnout this morning (20+ students) to talk about Chris Crutcher’s, Deadline.  Overall students really enjoyed this book which explores some difficult topics but manages to do so in a believable story written for the teen reader.

The main character has one year to live and while the author never hints that his condition will change (it doesn’t), many of the students held in the back of their mind that somehow the character would overcome his illness.  Perhaps this says something about our eternal optimism or the greater hope that many of us embrace for others.

Students also appreciated Crutcher’s use of language and the character’s alter-ego (Jesus; pronounced hey-soos) throughout the book.  This seemed to help deliver a believable and readable story which everyone enjoyed.

Enjoy your winter break and our next title will be announced soon.  Students if you have suggestions for our next book, please feel free to share it in the ‘comments’ of this post or send me an email at

Why?  Because REAL MEN (& women) READ!

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